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Strategy and how to play Chess is good and True

Play Chess
Strategies and how to play Chess is good and Right -Hallo Sobaterz Gudangblog to be tough here there are some chess tips, if you can understand style-style chess under it, then you have already started to take off to be tougher/stronger chess player, how to use this stylefirst: read, understand and save it in the breast/heart, remember to get "memorized", second: while in the face of the Board (wood chess) chess, remove the style-a style that, gampangkan!!
10 tips to do in playing chess:

1. Control Center, in this wood chess chessboard, wood
2. run the horses before the elephants
3. run the elephants before the Castle
4. run the fortress before the Minister
5. quick Castling
6. protect your fruit
7. Attack pieces on a chess board/wooden chess board with much fruit
8. Create an ambush when possible
9. Create binding whenever possible
10. Develop strategies at every step

10 don'ts that should be avoided in playing Chess:

1. do not run the fruit of more than 1 in the opening on the chess board
2. don't give checkmate too fast
3. do not create pawns cascade
4. do not create isolated pawns (insulation)
5. do not let your opponent creates pawns encyclopedia
6. do not close the street elephant with pawns
7. don't be quick to eat fruit that is bound, if it can still maintain ties
8. do not run the pawns advance King's castling
9. don't do a strategy which is not understandable
10. don't play too edgy

That's the last Tips to do in the play chess and Tips that should be avoided in playing chess, hopefully you can become a great chess players. The key play chess "keep learning, Trying and don't give up and sering-seringlah practice". Chess Playing Tips
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