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WhatsApp - Free Download WhatsApp

Whatsapp - WhatsappFree Download for owners of mobile phones, in addition to the blackberry, now you can enjoy one of the flagship blackberry i.e. FUEL facility (Black Berry Messenger), this facility can you enjoy just by simply adding the application into your phone whatsapp, for those of you who want this app, here I will be a variety of whatsappapplication.

Whatsapp is an application message cross-platform on your mobile phone, which allows you to exchange messages without paying the fee for sms. The application was originally created for the Iphone, but now this application you can enjoy for you phone owners with operating system Blackberry, Android and Symbian.

As for the features and advantages that Whatsapp is presented:

1. WhatsApp have features that can be practically complete, because with other Whatsapp we can send the text, we can also send pictures, Video, sound, and cool lago, we could send GPS location via GPS or Gmaps hardware
2. Application integrated into the system Whatsapp, like sms, we can receive the message without the need to open the application first.
3. Application Whatsapp have status messages in the form of the sign, the sign is:
The hours for the process of loading in Red HP us
-Check if the message was sent to the network
-A check mark if a message already delivered a double to chat.
-The Red Cross if a message fails
4. Application Whatsapp has facilities Broadcast and Group Chat. Where a broadcast facility, we can send a message to many users, while the facilities Group chat can we use to send a message to fellow community members.
5. Whatsapp Applications do not require a login and loading contact/avatar, so as to diminish the Save Bandwidth Usage
6. Application Whatsapp can be turned off, and only active if there are messages, that can save battery

The following steps to install Whatsapp application on your mobile phone us:

1. first we download the application, to get it Whatsapp this application, you can download it here:

Whatsapp android
Whatsapp symbian
Whatsapp blackberry
Whatsapp iphone

2. Enter the country code. Indonesia its code (+ 62)--> + 62 is the replacement for the number 0
3. Enter the number the rest (e.g: 878 123 456 789)
4. wait for the verification and notification of whatsapp.
5. done. Done!

That's the last WhatsApp-Application For BBMan, Download also Uber Twitter for those of you who like to twitteran via Mobile (Blackberry, Android, PC)
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