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How To Shrink The Pot Belly

Pot Belly
How to shrink the pot belly -Halo Sobaterz, this time I will give you Tips on how to shrink the pot belly. The stomach is not large but the organ has the ability to stretch and shrink according to the amount of food eaten at the time. If You consistently consume food in large portions, your stomach will gradually continue to stretch and you will need more food to make him feel full. How to shrink the stomach that can be attempted is you have to keep eating 3 x a day with small portions. You still need to eat to keep your metabolism does not slow down because you reduce the intake of food drastically. By reducing the excessive eating prosi eating tips tips shrink the stomach that is below will not work optimally.

Tips on how to shrink the pot belly with diet

* Eating breakfast about 200 calories. This can consist of a piece of toast with a little jam, one egg omelet and half a glass of milk.
* Eat a healthy snack, fresh fruit, fiber on the fresh fruit will raise you longer full.
* Lunch around 400 calories. about the size of a half of an average portion of the people of indonesia when the lunch.
* If after 2 or 3 hours from the lunch you already feel hungry again then please grab your fresh fruit as a snack.
* Dinner quite 400 calories. This is usually the hardest food to keep 400 calories, especially if you eat out, remember you are trying to shrink the pot belly.

Should if You have tried the above diet taught since early in the morning then you will not be easy hungry during the day. If You feel difficulty in arranging a diet doesn't hurt you milirik nutrition diet program that simplifies setting diet, especially for those of you with a limited time.

In addition to setting the pattern of eat, shrink the pot belly also assisted with the sport, doing sport is the cardio. Sport cardio (exercise cardiovasculer) is very effective in burning calories, because when your body is burning calories automatically fat in the body will be reduced, one of the favorite places of stomach fat is in the heap. do exercise as a way to shrink Your pot belly.

When you have set the pattern of eating, then You have to do exercise, there is still the need to pay attention to shrink the pot belly. Note the custom habits without You realize opted to donate the emergence of a pot belly, so pay attention to such habits as one of the How to shrink the stomach.

How to shrink the pot belly with not doing bad habit habit

* Avoid skipped meals, so You should be eating at least 3 x a day, but of course with low calories but full with nutrients.
* Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, if you have trouble, You kurangin konsumi alcoholic beverages
* Don't diet with abstain consume protein.
* Do not eat (dinner or snack) less than 3 hours before you sleep, so if your hours of sleep is 22, then eat a meal you maximum is 16.
* Sleep, sleep deprivation including custom contrary to shrink the stomach, the tips of each day an adult takes 6-7 hours of sleep to rest after a day of beraktifitas.

Good luck, good luck running tips how to shrink the pot belly, goodbye pot belly haha. Read Also Tips To Remove Acne Salam Sobaterz GudangBlog
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