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Nuclear Radiation hazards and the impact for the health

Nuclear Reactors
Nuclear Radiation hazards and the impact for the health of you need to know. Nuclear radiation leaks into one of the serious threat to the citizens of Japan after the earthquake and tsunami that hit the country sakura this some time ago.

Nuclear reactor leak worst in history happened in Chernobyl, Ukraine in April 1986. In addition to triggering the evacuation of thousands of residents around the scene, health impact still felt the victims until many years later for example cancer, cardiovascular disorders and even death.

Naturally, the human body has a mechanism to protect themselves from damage caused by radiation and other harmful chemical substance pejanan. However, as quoted from Foxnews, week (1/3/2011), radiation at some stage could not be tolerated by the body with such mechanisms.

Health Editor of Foxnews Health, Dr. Manny Alvarez said there are three factors that influence the impact of nuclear radiation. The trio includes a total of radiation dipejankan, how close to the source of radiation and the last is how long the victim terpejan by radiation.
All three of these factors will determine the impact of what will be the victims. High radiation can be directly triggered the momentary impact that directly can be known, while radiation could trigger the unconscious impact long term which usually even more hazardous.

The impact of instantaneous or short term due to high radiation around nuclear reactors, among others, as follows.
1. Nausea vomiting
2. Diarrhea
3. the headache
4. fever.

Meanwhile, the impact of emerging after exposure to nuclear radiation for a few days of which are as follows.
1. Dizzy, eyes berkunang-kunang
2. determine the direction of Disorientation or confusion
3. Weak, tired and looking lethargic
4. hair loss and baldness
5. Vomiting blood or blood berak
6. low blood pressure
7. difficult to heal Wounds.

The long-term impact of chronic aka nuclear radiation is generally precisely triggered by low levels of radiation so that the unconscious and not anticipated to years. Some of the impact of shutting down due to long-term exposure to nuclear radiation, among others, as follows.
1. Cancer
2. premature aging
3. disorders of the nervous system and reproduction
4. genetic mutation.

That's the last of Nuclear Radiation hazards and the impact for the health which required you should know. So you can better understand what is the danger of nuclear.
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